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  • Handicraft Program to Focus on Developing a Sustainable Export Platform

    The Tunisian handicraft export program, funded by a US Embassy grant to TAYP in 2012, has already yielded several important tangible outcomes over the past two years. Eight Tunisian handicraft producers selected by the program, in cooperation with ONA, the Ministry of Trade, and the US Embassy, were presented at a major trade show in […] Read More
  • Hear from a Board Member: An Interview with William Taylor

    An organization is only as strong as its members and supporters, and TAYP is proud to have a board of directors with a wide range of professional experience and expertise. I had the opportunity to speak with William Taylor, the current acting president at the United States Institute of Peace, and discuss the US- Tunisian […] Read More
  • TAYP Board Convenes to Kick Off 2015 Programming Initiatives

    On January 15, 2015, the TAYP board convened at American University for its semi-annual board meeting. Featuring key stakeholders with diverse public and private sector experience, the board provides valuable insight, programmatic experience, and non-profit expertise to ensure that TAYP continues to make a profound impact on US-Tunisian economic relations. The first order of business […] Read More
  • Celebrating Achievements: TAYP Semi Annual US Reception

    Following the quarterly board meeting, TAYP members, the board of directors, supporters of TAYP, and the executive team gathered at the residence of the Tunisian Ambassador to celebrate recent achievements and kick off an exciting new year! Thanks to the generosity of the Tunisian embassy, the night was a resounding success, with introductions of expanded […] Read More
  • Observations from a Polling Center Overseer

    I had the great honor to work for the Independent High Authority for the Elections (aka ISIE) during this last 2014 elections, as a polling center agent in Washington DC. Now that elections are over, I would like to write some few words to reflect back on the experience, not only for historical documentation purposes, […] Read More