TAYP’s creation was inspired by the January 2011 events, led by the youth of Tunisia, to transition the country into a real true democratic state. TAYP was born with the belief that economic prosperity is a key ingredient to ensure the successful transition to a new Tunisia.


Building strong ties between Tunisia and the US for sustainable economic and social development


Enable the prosperity and growth of Tunisian and US ties through advocacy, projects, partnerships and exchanges by leveraging the diaspora in the US and its network in both countries.

we are

A non-profit organization powered by an ever-growing community of Tunisian and American professionals across various sector of industries. We are committed to contributing our experiences and expertise to build thriving economic opportunities and vibrant cultural exchanges between Tunisia and the US. By connecting professionals and through public-private partnerships, we create projects and initiatives focusing on Export, Entrepreneurship, Exchange and Education.









TAYP Highlights Since 2011

  1. TAYP 2011

    • March . TAYP founded as a non-profit organization
    • May . Participation at the Global Diaspora Forum
    • Aug . Meeting US President Barack Obama
    • Nov . Paticipation in the Global Entrepreneurship Program
  2. TAYP 2012

    • Feb . “Invest in Tunisia” Roadshow across the US
    • July . Co-organization and participation of GIST Start up Boot Camp
    • Sept . Launch of the Export Project, Tunisian Handicraft Export Initiative
    • Dec . Launch of the Exchange Project in partnership with ACYPL
  3. TAYP 2013

    • May . Co-hosting the “World Nomads Festival – Tunisia” in New York
    • June . Participation at the Tunisian Investement Forum
    • Aug . TAYP’s 1st Show at NY NOW with Tunisian Artisans of the Handicraft Export Initiative
    • Oct . Meeting with American Chamber of Commerce for partnerships and common actions
  4. TAYP 2014

    • June . Presentation at John Hopkins’ Transatlantic Economic Forum
    • Aug . TAYP Annual Reception Diaspora and Local Business Leaders at Cogite
    • Oct . TAYP granted membership of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO)
    • Nov . Participation in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, GES
  5. TAYP 2015

    • Mar . TAYP Handicraft Project recognized by the Clinton Global Initiative
    • Mar . Participation at NAPEO Conference: Investment and Entrepreneurship
    • May . 4th Young Politicians visit part of the Exchange project with ACYPL
    • Oct . TAYP Entrepreneurship Project kick-off
  6. TAYP 2016

    • Jan . TAYP StartUp RISE Launch, Entrepreneurship Project
    • Feb. 1st US buyers visit for the Tunisian Handicraft Export Initiative
    • Mar . TAYP 5 years mark celebration
    • May . Launch of TAYP Education projects
  7. TAYP 2017

  8. TAYP 2018

  9. TAYP 2019