TAYP Editorial Oct 2017


The summer marks the time for the TAYP family to connect and celebrate as many members head home to Tunisia to spend some vacation time that never seems long enough. As professionals, we are accustomed to using a plethora of virtual meeting tools and yet we all tend to look forward to being home as nothing replaces the face-to-face we spend meeting with local members, discussing existing projects, brainstorming new ideas, and setting the stage for new initiatives.

This past summer was no different as the TAYP extended family gathered for our annual reception at the amazing Villa Bleue in Sidi Bou Said where we took stock of our accomplishments this past year and gathered feedback on some strategic initiatives the executive team has been working on for some time.

When we consider new ideas, we tend to apply a simple litmus test that consists in answering 2 questions: does the idea further the mission of TAYP? and does the idea serve our members? Using this framework, we set out to define a number of key initiatives that include:

  • Set up and launch a TAYP Podcast Channel ¾ we envision this communication channel as a way for us to feature members, discuss relevant topics ranging from business to politics and further improve our connection with our members
    • Our podcast channel is now accessible on both iOS and Android devices. You can subscribe using the links below:
    • We have two episodes out that discuss trade between the US and Tunisia and the evolving startup scene back home
  • Mobilize the Tunisian Diaspora ¾ we are particularly excited about this initiative as it marks the first time that we join forces with well-established sister associations to explore a joint project that aims to improve the way we mobilize our professionals abroad and provide them with ways to give back to the homeland
    • Representatives from TAYP, ATUGE and TAG worked diligently over several weeks to define a goal that their members in North America, France, UK, Germany and Tunisia can support and rally behind
    • After much deliberation, we settled on joining forces to organize an annual diaspora event (starting in Summer 2018) that aims to provide our experts abroad with a forum to support Tunisian entrepreneurs with advice, networking and financial support.
    • A working group is currently hard at work working out the details of the event and its requirements

In addition to the two key initiatives above, we continue to work on supporting ideas such as a professional portal that can serve as a main destination for Tunisian entrepreneurs looking for mentors along with potential partnerships with American NGOs that specialize in activating diaspora communities.

The upcoming months promise to be highly productive for our growing association. Stay Tuned.


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Mondher Ben Hamida

Los Angeles, CA, USA