Tunisia – Tunisia Investment Forum 2014


Starts: 8AM, June 12, 2014

Ends: 5PM, June 13, 2014

Place: Gammarth, Tunisia- Hotel Mouradi

Join us for The Tunisia Investment Forum 2014 for its fourth edition after the revolution, and six months after the adoption by Tunisia, of a new constitution which enshrines the passage of Tunisia from a democratic transition period to that of the exercise of democracy, expected to culminate by the end of 2014 in free and transparent elections based on a new electoral law resulting from a national consensus.

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New Tunisia: new democracy, new opportunities

TIF 2014 will thus be a favorable opportunity to present to the international business community the democratic progress impact on the economic and social environment, and on the investment climate in Tunisia; a more transparent and healthy environment that will allow the partners of Tunisia to find a reliable investment destination.

Thanks to a national consensus between the main political actors and the civil society, the transition in Tunisia has been perceived with much admiration around the world and most observers emphasized its originality. Its original features included – among other things – a perfect agreement between labor and employers’ unions which suggests a definite impact on social peace as well as an immediate and visible effect of the initiated economic reforms.

The speakers of this topic will provide indicators that will dispel the doubts and worries which characterized the transition period strongly marked by the downgraded Tunisian rating. A focus will be dedicated to the macroeconomic situation evolution and to the new reforms underway or to be implemented, in order to strengthen the environmental sustainability of the investment situation. Foreign investors still operating in Tunisia will have the opportunity to testify on the propensity of this process achievement.

What impact will these reforms have on the attractiveness of various sectors and regions of Tunisia? This question will be addressed by institutional representatives, international experts and investors operating in the country, who will meet at 4 thematic workshops to share their views on the expected role of the economic reforms in high added value industries and in regions in search of an attractive new positioning.

The development of high added value industries is largely dependent on the successful implementation of proper conditions for the country’s integration into the global value chains. The achievements recorded so far by some sectors such as automotive components, aerospace components, electrical and electronic components as well as offshoring activities, already predispose the country to offer promising perspectives in this direction.

These performances as well as the experiences of some Tunisian companies operating in these sectors, that have made significant steps towards their integration into the global value chains, will be presented to the participants in TIF 2014.

Inclusive development is yet another pillar for the new model of development in Tunisia to present. Decentralization as reflected by the provisions of the new constitution to enhance decision-making at the regional level will strengthen the local offer and the competitiveness of the regions.

TIF 2014 will offer an opportunity to present to the business community the investment development prospects in the regions and in particular, growth generating projects likely to provide the regions with resources and assets to attract investments that have been hitherto wavering.

TIF 2014 will also certainly provide participants with a platform for contacts between Tunisian and foreign operators through B2B meetings scheduled according to the areas of interest expressed by the participants.