Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2014 – a preview


The Kingdom of Morocco will host the fifth Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Marrakesh from November 19th trough the 21st of 2014.  The summit is designed to provide support to innovators and entrepreneurs and enable them to unlock their economical and developmental potential.  The intended outcome is to spur growth, youth employment and economic prosperity through supporting entrepreneurial activities and funding small businesses.

For three days, speakers, dignitaries, business leaders, economists and successful entrepreneurs work together and with young innovators and startups to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences.  It is about visiting and discussing the components of the investment ecosystem and how to spur its growth through private and public partnerships. 

I have had the pleasure to represent TAYP at couple of the past summits.  I was part of a team of business leaders who worked, coached and mentored few of attending young companies from Malaysia, Tunisia, Lebanon and Jordan.  The experience is very valuable to the entrepreneur as well as the mentee.  The program helps to transfer real life experiences, both ways, of successful business leaders directly to aspiring young men and women who are the future leaders of their communities and countries.

The focus and the theme for this summit will be on Technology.  The advent of Cloud Computing, mobility and the Internet of Things are creating global opportunities in geographical areas where it was not possible few years ago.  Technology in essence is going to help accelerate the growth of businesses and therefore enable faster employment and wealth creation, which is by itself a tremendous catalyst for supporting new businesses and ideas.

Speakers at the event will range from world leaders such as Vice President Joe Biden, Minister of Economy and Finance of Morocco Mohamed Boussaid, all the way to business leaders such as Bob Diamond CEO of Atlas Mara.

I am positive that a new wave of entrepreneurs will emerge from this event, they will be more determined and more equipped to succeed.  

Firas BenAchour

Mooresville, NC, USA