Introducing TAYP’s Expanded Executive Team


As TAYP continues to grow and develop its unique programming and set goals for the coming year, it is critical to create a team to support the ongoing impact of TAYP on the Tunisian entrepreneurial ecosystem. TAYP is pleased to introduce three key figures, Ikbel Achour, Mahmoud Hachicha, and Courtney Joline, who will provide their own unique backgrounds and expertise to the TAYP community as the newest members of the Executive Team.

Ikbel Achour joins the team as the Vice President of Development. A longtime TAYP member, Ms. Achour brings her passion for social change and team-oriented worldview to support TAYP’s latest initiatives. She is currently the director of Precision Health, where she is responsible for the development and execution of precision-medicine based technologies to support health care developments. She is also active in a variety of professional associations, and has served as the Funding Chair for Women in Bio, a group that supports and publicizes women’s involvement in the biotech sector. She has also been recognized as an Emerging Leader by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, where she has had the opportunity to interface with doers and changers from around the world. As the VP of Development, Ms. Achour will spearhead new fundraising and outreach initiatives, manage partnership development, and facilitate recruitment.


Mahmoud Hachicha, another longtime TAYP member, is welcomed as the Vice President of Operations.  Mr. Hachicha is a technology leader who has provided unique software solutions to businesses and individuals around the world. He currently serves as the Planning and Optimization Manager of Logic Information Systems, where has has been successful in leading and managing multi-million dollar projects and driving innovative strategies for a variety of sectors. He previously served as the director of TAYP’s projects, and can provide the necessary program management, administration, and IT support to ensure that TAYP’s operations are streamlined and effective.


Courtney Joline joins the team as the Director, and is responsible for the management of organizational initiatives, and will support the overall trajectory of TAYP. A graduate of The George Washington University, she has been a longtime friend of Tunisia, and spent the past year working with a variety of organizations, including Cogite Co-working Space, to support entrepreneurial development and youth participation in economic and civic life. She comes to TAYP with a strong background in communications, project management, and fundraising, and looks forward to applying these skills to support TAYP as it continues to grow.

Ikbel, Mahmoud, and Courtney will provide the necessary support to the executive team and guarantee that TAYP remains a driving force behind strong US-Tunisia relations and economic reform to further develop the Tunisian ecosystem. We look forward to working with these individuals over the coming year, and are excited to apply their skills to maintain the continued success of the organization.

Courtney Joline

Washington, DC, USA