For a Stronger Friendship and Collaboration between the US and Tunisia


January 20, 2021 was not only a day Americans celebrated as the beginning of a much-needed era of multilateral cooperation, it was also a milestone people all over the world have been eagerly awaiting.

President Biden’s distinguished career as a public servant and his deep knowledge of world affairs makes him the perfect person to lead America at this critical juncture.

America’s leadership is needed more than ever to bring the global community together in the face of unprecedented challenges. And as we wish the new administration great success in managing the various health and economic crises it has inherited, we cannot emphasize enough the urgent need to restore frayed partnerships.

The United States and Tunisia have always enjoyed a special bond. Tunisia was one of the first countries to recognize American independence, and our countries are united by both history and shared democratic values. Now, more than ever, Tunisia and the United States need to work together in coping with the aftermath of this global pandemic and economic crisis. We truly hope that the new administration will prioritize its cooperation with Tunisia, the birthplace of the Arab Spring.