TAYP Board Meeting: New strategy and focus for 2014


TAYP new executive team working very closely with our new board met at the end of 2013 and worked and approved our plans for 2014.  Here is a broad list:

Our Mission Statement: Organize and Leverage the Tunisian diaspora in the US to increase economic ties, cooperation and exchanges between TUN and the US

Our Objectives for 2014:

    • Enhance Tunisia’s visibility in the US to increase investments and aid by working closely with private sector investors and USG
    • Increase exchanges/ partnerships between the US and Tunisia particularly in regards to entrepreneurs and youth civil society
    • Strengthen diaspora community as to become more influential in TUN and the US
    • Public education about Tunisia’s importance in becoming the first democracy in the Arab world
    • Launch our Diaspora Talent Network to help Entrepreneurs, startups, and SME’s reach their potential and provide them with access to US market

TAYP board 1

TAYP board 2

Mohamed Malouche

Washington, DC, USA