TAYP 2013 Summer Annual Reception


Thanks to the passion and energy of many of its members, TAYP has come a long way as a fledgling organization. We continue to connect members of the exceptional Tunisian diaspora in North America and we have been hard to work channeling the energy and resourcefulness of our chapter in Tunisia. A number of join initiatives have been designed to ensure we can make a positive impact both at home and abroad.

Our summer reception in Tunisia is becoming one of the key events that allow several members of the TAYP family to meet, reconnect and extend the sphere of influence of our association. For this year’s gathering, we were lucky to be hosted by one of our own Zied M’hirsi at a new co-working space he helped create: Cogite.

The event was great. Several TAYPers from North America who were on vacation back home joined the local members in hosting a large crowd of friends, business people and members of the political class. Ambassador Jacob Walles as well as many US Embassy staff honored us with their presence.


Mondher Ben Hamida

Los Angeles, CA, USA