The Tunisian American Young Leaders Initiative


By Hamouda Chekir

At the last annual TAYP gathering in Tunis, Mohamed Malouche gave a presentation on the future areas of development for TAYP, in which he put a strong focus on initiatives aiming at strengthening partnerships between Tunisia and the United States. Building on this guideline, a group of TAYP members under the leadership of Firas BenAchour and Mohamed Malouche has started thinking on how to best shape and organize this partnership dimension.

One of the main ideas suggested was the setup of a Tunisian American Young Leaders Initiative/Program aiming at bringing together a rigorously selected group of Tunisian and American young professionals, aged between 30 and 40, from both countries. The overarching objective of such a program is to foster links between the two countries and to enhance partnerships in the interests of Tunisian American relations.

The goal is for the selected candidates to participate in two five- day seminars over two consecutive years, one in Tunisia and the other one in the United States.  The purpose is that of exchanging views on the major issues common to both countries and creating long-lasting friendships and ties. Young leaders are provided with unique opportunities to meet with key decision makers in both countries – business and political.

We expect to officially launch the program in late 2015. As such, we are currently working on how to best structure the features of the program and will be providing you with further details in the weeks to come.