More than 100 Tunisian diaspora members in North America gathered for a better Tunisia


The Tunisian American Young Professional Association (TAYP) organized a retreat on April 28- 29 in New York, bringing together more than 100 participants from all over the US and Canada. The event was a first of its kind opportunity to discuss ways to engage the Tunisian diaspora in the economic development of Tunisia and draw a roadmap for concrete actions that will be undertaken in the short and long run. It was also an opportunity to confirm the role that the Tunisian diaspora plays as an instrumental network to mobilize financial resources, skills and knowledge transfer, and to promote a positive image of the country.

Speakers included Mr. Faycal Gouiaa, Tunisian Ambassador in the US, Tunisians entrepreneurs, academicians, and researchers succeeding in the US that highlighted their experiences and provided advice on ways and mechanisms for diaspora members to effectively engage at a local level.  Important announcements were also made such as the creation of a Tunisian US council and the launch of a Tunisian Diaspora Fund that will connect the financial, intellectual and human capital of Tunisians in the Diaspora and channel them into a strategic investment.

There were five sessions exploring the role of diaspora members in growing the economy across a broad array of topics including entrepreneurship and innovation, investment promotion, Education and job creation

The main takeaways from the sessions include the following:

  • ● The role of Tunisian diaspora in spurring investment, bringing innovation, and spreading ideas and promising practices in their country of origin
  • ● The need to create a solid framework for diaspora engagement through significant and up-to-date two-way information
  • ● The role of Tunisian diaspora in coaching and mentoring young entrepreneurs and leaders in Tunisia
  • ● The role of the diaspora in bringing economic reform through advocacy
  • ● The role of the diaspora in fostering an educational and cultural exchange

Next steps include the following:

  • ● Continue to build solid networks among diaspora through establishing worldwide networks and partnerships with other diaspora associations;
  • ● Continue to act as a platform between the diaspora and relevant stakeholders in the country;
  • ● Share expertise, insights, best practices;
  • ● Engage in mentoring and/ or coaching young entrepreneurs and leaders in Tunisia;
  • ● Draw the different reflections and ideas brainstormed into concrete projects and activities;

Throughout this inspirational initiative, TAYP demonstrates once again its commitment to empower the diaspora members, amplifying their voices and serving as a bridge between them and relevant entities and communities in Tunisia. As a closing comment – Mohamed Malouche -Founder of TAYP called for increased engagement and active involvement and reiterated TAYP willingness to support any individual or collective initiative of diaspora members.