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  • Tunisian Entrepreneur participates to GIST program

    Smarter++, a Tunisian IT startup, founded by Nizar Ben Neji was selected among Top 12 most promising startups to participate in the GIST US Entrepreneurship Journey, a two-week program held in June 2014 at Chicago and Washington DC.  The GIST Initiative (Global Innovation through Sciences & Technology) is a partnership led by the U.S. Department […] Read More
  • What you should know about dates

    TAYP had the privilege to invite Mr Ahmed Ben Younes, agronomist and expert in palm tree cultivation, to give a lecture on the origin of dates and the biodiversity of this fruit in Tunisia. The occasion was co-organized this year with ATUGE (Association des Tunisiens des Grandes Ecoles) on July 17th in Sidi Bou Said. […] Read More
  • World Bank Panel on Tunisia moving forward

    On June 19th The World Bank hosted a one day event dedicated to the current situation in the MENA region. The event was broadcasted internally to the WB country staff throughout the region and was an opportunity to particularly shed light on the situation in Tunisia, Egypt and Syria. Moderated by Mohamed Malouche, TAYP’s chairman […] Read More
  • US-Africa Leaders Summit – Washington DC

    President Obama welcomed African leaders from across the continent early August for a three-day summit.  It was the first such event held in the US to help strengthen political and economic ties with African countries. John Kerry, US Secretary of State, welcomed the attendees.  In his speech he stressed the commitment of the United States […] Read More
  • TAYP’s Tunisian Handicraft Export Program to the US

    The handicraft sector is critical to Tunisia’s economy, especially for women and youth living in the impoverished interior regions. For decades, the Tunisian government tried to export those handicrafts to Western countries. Exports to the United States, in particular, have consistently failed to meet expectations for one recurring reason. The consultants or organizations designing and […] Read More