• Achievements of the DRIVE Project

    After two years of support to Chambers of Commerce and SMEs in Tunisia, the DRIVE Project is now in its final phase.  Implemented by TAYP and funded by the Near East Affairs and Assistance Coordination Bureau, the project aims to support regional Tunisian Chambers of Commerce in developing the competitiveness of their companies and regions, […] Read More
  • Dec 2016 Editorial

    Note from TAYP’s President Mondher Ben Hamida As the year draws to its close, we’re engaging in good old-fashioned retrospection and reflecting on what the past 12 months have meant for our association. When I reflect on the kind of year 2016 has been for TAYP- the things that we’ve set out to achieve and did […] Read More
  • What you should know about dates

    TAYP had the privilege to invite Mr Ahmed Ben Younes, agronomist and expert in palm tree cultivation, to give a lecture on the origin of dates and the biodiversity of this fruit in Tunisia. The occasion was co-organized this year with ATUGE (Association des Tunisiens des Grandes Ecoles) on July 17th in Sidi Bou Said. […] Read More
  • Interview- Les Afriques Magazine June 2014

        Mohamed Malouche, board chairman of the Tunisian American Young Professionals was interviewed in Rabat, Morocco by Les Afriques reporter Sanae Taleb, on TAYP’s efforts to further US-Tunisia relationships and on the needed cooperation between the three Maghreb Countries. Interview M Malouche Les Afriques June 2014     Read More
  • The Tunisian Constitution Three C’s

    The Jasmine revolution, ignited by a street fruit vendor, changed the course of history for Tunisia and is arguably transforming the rest of the region.  A popular uprising that was started by the restless and jobless youth demanding employment rapidly spread and engulfed the whole country.  Tunisians of all walks of life, united, fought the […] Read More
  • Positive Changes in Tunisia

    After months of political gridlock, reason has finally prevailed and the majority of political parties agreed on an independent new prime minister, sparring Tunisia from an eventual wave of violence that have plagued other Arab spring countries. Last Friday, seating prime minister Ali Laarayedh has stepped down while the new Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa took […] Read More
  • Electoral Politics Under Tunisia’s New Constitution

      via Tayp Read More
  • Obama’s second term challenges

    Newly reelected with a confortable margin, Barack Obama will soon be confronting some dunting domestic and foreign policy challenges with a big portion of his population getting increasingly impatient. The voters who gave him four more years in office, also elected a divided congress with republicans keeping the house majority whereas democrats retain control of […] Read More
  • Making Case for Investing in Tunisia

    Source : US State Department   Washington — In January 2011, as the world watched the people of Tunisia oust their ruler of 23 years, a group of Tunisian Americans looked for ways they could help their home country make the transition to democracy. Within a month, the nonprofit Tunisian American Young Professionals (TAYP) was born. […] Read More
  • Social Funding

    There is an obvious need among Tunisian expatriates to invest back to their home country in a structured and sustainable way, particularly after January 14th. Many of them do not know how to do it in an effective way. They are tired of giving away money to small local foundations that are rarely effective and […] Read More
  • How to enable a diaspora fund

    A few months ago, Hatem Mahbouli, an eminent TAYP member introduced the idea of launching a Diaspora fund based on crowd funding through the web. The premises have been quite simple: if thousands of Tunisians abroad become micro-investors of amounts as low as $500 each, then we can easily raise hundreds of thousands of dollars […] Read More
  • Social entrepreneurship

    At this very sensitive stage of Tunisia’s development, with almost one million of unemployed and about 25% of the society living under the poverty line, a few disagree that the private sector has to play a very crucial role in creating sufficient jobs and achieving sustainable growth in the near future. At TAYP, we work […] Read More