Men socialgood: A Global Virtual Summit from a Tunisian Perspective


The global virtual summit of Mena+socialgood on the role of advancing social good in the Arab World was hosted by Al-Mubadarah in Washington DC on November 7, 2013 inviting 26 speakers in a virtual interaction to talk about the role of the internet, social media and technology in enabling social good and shaping the future of the Arab world. As a partner of the Mena+Socialgood summit, TAYP worked in collaboration with Microsoft Innovation Center in Tunisia creating a meet up platform for all interested Tunisians and entrepreneurs to be able to follow the virtual summit on the same day. The initiative was exceptional in that the global conference proved again how technology could blur the notion of time and space bringing the Arab world and the American world together.

Microsoft and TAYP representatives welcomed approximately 15 students and professionals as an audience to the global conference following the talks from Microsoft Center. The choice of the meet up space was important as it is based in the Technological Pole at the El Ghazala Neighborhood, a hub of high-tech centers and technology-oriented universities. People present at the meet up platform expressed their appreciation of the initiative. The involvement of the Tunisian guest speaker, Mohamed Malouche, in the summit in DC also was appreciated by  Tunisians who were following the summit. Mohamed Malouche, Board Chairman of Tunisian American Young Professionals association, gave a talk on “Harnessing Passion: Diaspora Engagement in Tunis and Beyond.

Mohamed Malouche stressed the importance of bringing the diaspora together and the willingness of the Tunisian American Young Professionals association to work hand in hand with not only Tunisian diaspora and Tunisian associations but also with other diaspora. Thus being the hub that supports, and connects young professionals and entrepreneurs through expanding globally and through creating partnerships. Mohamed Malouche, in this respect, stated that the idea is to work together and build a networking platform in order to create success stories.

The global virtual summit, Mena+socialgood, represented a polyphony of experiences from all over the world. Active professionals and civil society members shared their experiences in this initiative that aimed at further connecting people engaged in making the change that the Arab world needs especially within the transition period caused by the revolution.

Mohamed Malouche

Washington, DC, USA