TAYP’s StartUp RISE project began in October 2015. RISE is the first initiative of its kind in Tunisia. It targets mature startups, ready for and in need of that extra push to unlock their full potential and compete in the US market. RISE supports a growing entrepreneurial ecosystem in Tunisia leveraging highly talented Tunisian professionals living and working in the US while partnering with Tunisian startup incubators with a global mindset to transcend borders – strengthening the bilateral economic and business Tunisia-US relationships.

Rise program consists in connecting Tunisian startups and entrepreneurs with high-potential growth with mentors from TAYP Tunisian diaspora network. RISE mentors equip Tunisian entrepreneurs with skills and tools to strength their growth while connecting them to business partners and investors in the US. RISE startups develop and present innovative products and services to a diverse range of industries from the healthcare sector, agribusiness, and organic goods to marketing, media, hospitality and clothing design.




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