Since 2012, TAYP partnered with the American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL) to support an exchange program of Tunisian and US politicians. The aim is to introduce US delegates – half Democrats and half Republicans – to Tunisia, and Tunisian delegates to the US and the political, economic, and social systems and idiosyncracies that characterize Tunisia and the US, respectively.

The visits include meetings with leaders from different political parties, business professionals and the entrepreneurial ecosystem, civil society as well as various historical and cultural excursions. Ben Stratmann – ACYPL 2016, a chief of staff in the Texas Senate, an appointed member of the city of Austin Ethics Review Commission, and president of the Austin Sunshine Camps and Young Men’s Business League of Austin, said: “those who cherish their freedoms and desire them for the rest of the world would be wise to observe, understand and support Tunisia and all nations seeking democratic reforms in the Middle East-North Africa region.”


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