It all began in 2012, sparked by the idea of a cost-effective supply chain that would enable Tunisian artisans to more easily export their handicraft products to the US and US clients to receive unique and high quality products in a timely manner with reduced shipping costs.

The participating artisans have benefited from over 60 hours of training to increase their export capacity and 5 NY NOW shows, the largest retail gift show in the US, while 5 buyers visited Tunisia. This TAYP initiative earned a membership in the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), encouraging the fair trade of Tunisian artisans’ products and increasing their outreach to meet US market demands.

The TAYP handicraft export team oversees the distribution of artisans’ products from orders and collection in Rades port in Tunisia to shipment to the US and logistics straight to the customer’s door. The distribution center creates a competitive edge for market penetration specifically for the Tunisian artisans. Six containers are planned for shipping for the first full operational year in 2016.


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