NextGen Education Projects began on May 2016 with the aim to develop with high school students new approaches to education and empower them to create their own future. We believe that learning and applying knowledge through project building can be of benefits for students to acquire soft and hard skills, explore professional careers by interacting with experts from various industries, and fully experiment professional roles, responsibilities and teamwork.

Our pilot program, starts at Sidi Bouzid with two projects selected among 12 and generated by the students as part of their educational journey with the support of TAYP mentors and their Teachers. The 1st project “Community Reads” aims to encourage reading books and exchange comments through an App. The 2nd Project “High School Blog” will carry the voice of high school students en various matters including challenges and opportunities of the Tunisian education system, showcasing achievements, increasing awareness about career development, setting an example for community service and civic engagement etc.

Through out the project building, development and implementation, students will be interacting with American high school students to share ideas on challenges and opportunities on education and create a thriving cross-cultural exchange.




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