TAYP Represents Tunisia at the Global Diaspora Forum


Recognizing the critical role diaspora organizations such as TAYP can play in bridging the US and individuals’ countries of origins, TAYP representatives attended the Global Diaspora Forum on October 9, 2015 in Washington DC. Mohamed Malouche, Mariem Mezghanni Malouche, Ikbel Achour, and Saoussen Mahjoub were present at the event, organized by the Department of State and the International Diaspora Engagement Alliance (IDEA), to showcase TAYP’s efforts to engage members of the diaspora to support Tunisia’s ongoing economic development.

Setting up a booth alongside other diaspora organizations, TAYP representatives presented the organization’s mission statement, the ever-expanding 4 E’s Initiatives, and current projects, including the Handicraft Export Initiative. TAYP was happy to use this opportunity to network with like-minded organizations and change-makers who want to utilize the resources, experiences, and knowledge of their fellow global diaspora communities to spearhead sustainable growth and development around the world.

Throughout the forum, participants reiterated the importance of diaspora groups in international development, investment, philanthropy, and foreign policy. They also had the opportunity to participate in various workshops, discussing topics such as investment challenges and how to streamline partnerships more effectively.

Topics like these are critical to Tunisia today, as members of the Tunisian Diaspora are ready, willing, and able to play a variety of roles to support and sustain much needed economic growth and development. As mentors, investors, educators, partners, and business leaders, the Diaspora can provide an untapped value added to transform Tunisia’s economic infrastructure.

TAYP enjoyed discussing these potentials for success, and the challenges it may face along the way. As TAYP continues to implement innovative projects, it is important to learn from other diaspora communities to acquire a set of best practices to springboard off of.

Thank you to the Global Diaspora Forum for this exciting opportunity and TAYP looks forward to continue on its own trajectory of growth to make a positive impact on Tunisia and the region at large.


Saoussen Mahjoub

Washington, DC, USA