The Tunisian Diaspora is key to FDI


Article published with the Atlantic Council, on the importance of setting the proper ecosystem and financial vehicles to foster further investment of the Tunisian diaspora towards Tunisia

In the wake of Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa’s world tour to court international assistance, the focus on Tunisia’s economy has taken center stage a means to further the country’s momentum—but not all options are being explored. Tunisia needs an immediate cash injection and substantial investment to finance its deficit and grow its economy. Tunisians living abroad, historically an important source of remittances, have been largely ignored as a source of investment due to a lack of appropriate financial mechanisms that facilitate increased participation in the Tunisian economy from abroad. In conjunction with efforts aimed at attracting foreign investors to Tunisia, the government should also tap into the Tunisian diaspora’s wealth and savings rather than only rely on its income. Needing all the help it can get Read More


Mohamed Malouche

Washington, DC, USA