What a Time to be a TAYPer!


Photo Credit: Saoussen Besrour of District Photog

On March, TAYP will celebrate its 5th year anniversary. This important milestone in the lifetime of our organization is also a great opportunity to grow our membership base and attract more supporters to maintain the momentum we have generated. Today, TAYP is very proud to have over 250 members across the US and Tunisia from different sectors and a variety of backgrounds. The diversity and the passion of our members is one of our biggest strengths, and as we grow, we are prepared to add even more dynamism to our membership offerings, including more events, a new and improved website, and networking opportunities.

So as a TAYP member, what should you expect in the future?

To be informed. As a TAYP member, you will always be the first to know about upcoming TAYP events and projects. Moreover, TAYP members will have priority to attend the numerous, interesting and very informative forums, discussion panels and conferences where our organization is involved. Finally, the new TAYP website will be a great tool and source of information for our members. You will have access to webinars and articles from our experienced and talented contributors in a variety of domains such education, IT, finance, economics, biotechnology, entrepreneurship, and more

To be connected. TAYP is one of the largest networking platforms between the US and Tunisia, comprised of over 250 professionals with knowledge and experience and representing a number of corporate, government, nongovernmental, legal, and financial sectors. Through frequent TAYP events and meetups in the US and in Tunisia, you will have the opportunity to expand your professional networks. From top executives in multinational companies to young entrepreneurs, TAYP provides a very strong and interconnected professional community.

To be involved. Every TAYP member also has the opportunity to become a TAYP contributor. Whether by writing an article for our website, assisting in the planning of an event, or volunteering in one of our projects, there are many ways for our members to vigorously contribute to the success of TAYP. Furthermore, members can choose to take on a more active role in our work by mentoring young TAYPers, participating as a panelist or a moderator in TAYP talks and conferences, or being involved in one of our 4Es projects. We are all volunteers with a shared passion and goal of growing a stronger US-Tunisian relationship.

2016 is a very exciting year for our organization. Our projects are continuing to grow and succeed, we have worked to continue to brand ourselves, and we are poised to launch a new website platform. We thank our ever-growing membership for their efforts and commitment to our mission, and are excited to grow and develop over the coming months, allowing you to make an even bigger impact.

Mahmoud Hachicha

Atlanta, GA, USA