Ambassador Chelaifa Appointed Secretary of State in Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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TAYP would like to congratulate Ambassador Mohamed Ezzine Chelaifa, Tunisia’s current ambassador to the United States, for his recent appointment to the position of Secretary of State within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ambassador Chelaifa joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1983 and previously served as the ambassador in Australia, Spain, and South Africa. He was appointed as ambassador to the United States in November 2013, with the goal of reinforcing the strategic ties between the United States and Tunisia. Ambassador Chelaifa has worked tirelessly to navigate stronger bilateral relationships, represent Tunisia at various conferences and events around the United States, and connect with the Tunisian Diaspora. In addition, Ambassador Chelaifa has been a supporter of TAYP’s initiatives, and recently hosted our semi-annual reception, which brought together diverse supporters of Tunisia to present TAYP’s strategic vision for 2015. TAYP wishes Ambassador Chelaifa luck in his future endeavors and in his new role as Secretary of State.

Courtney Joline

Washington, DC, USA