Editorial August 2013

Dear TAYP members and friends,

I am honored and humbled to be elected as the next president of TAYP. I will be serving our organization, its members and all its beneficiaries for the next two years starting on September 1st, 2013.

Two years ago, TAYP was set up by a small group of Tunisians, inspired by a people’s revolution in Tunisia. Then, it was quickly molded, launched and nurtured by a larger team of determined minds who believed that the diaspora was uniquely positioned to support Tunisia’s transition on the economic and investment fronts, and help pave the way to a new democratic and free Tunisia. Since its inception, our association efforts focused primarily on activities and events that helped increase the economic and investment cooperation between the US and Tunisia, private and public ones. It has been a wonderful and fulfilling journey to all of us.

TAYP’s growth requires remobilizing all of TAYP’s active forces and create a dynamic where their dedication and commitment will lead the organization to sustainability and further impact. Thus, allow me to introduce you to some of the exciting structural changes that are going to position TAYP to better execute on its mission.

We have expanded the executive team to include an elected position of Executive Vice President and I am pleased to announce that Mondher Ben Hamida was elected to the post to further solidify the executive team. Moreover, we are expanding our board of directors to include industry professionals as well as private sector leaders in order to help TAYP expand its reach and network.

Mohamed Malouche, TAYP’s outgoing president, was elected to be the Chairman of the Board and has the important task of recruiting and managing the relationship with our board members as well as governing the execution of the organization strategy.

The new executive team, the new board and the rest of our core management team understand the tasks that are put in front of us and are committed to serve at highest quality and dedication. TAYP welcomes all motivated professionals who are willing to contribute to its mission.

We are optimistic about the future of Tunisia and are looking forward to working diligently to affect and deliver positive change, socially and economically, to all Tunisians and strengthen US-Tunisia economic ties.

Firas BenAchour