January 2014 Editorial


Dear TAYP members and friends,

Happy New Year!

Few days ago, we celebrated the end of a year and welcomed the first dawn of the New Year. At that moment, humans are known to make, what one could describe, grandiose resolutions.  They are sincere commitments fuelled by the hope of accomplishing ones goals.

Hoping is not enough!  We ought to perspire so we could inspire.

TAYP, as a Tunisian Diaspora in the USA, has hopes and goals like any other organization. We have successfully inspired ourselves to transform those dreams into reality.  It was no magic, rather relentless and hard work, dedication, delivery and execution on the part of every member.

Our accomplishments in 2013 were encouraging to all of us.  The list is long, but I am very proud to mention those events that have been providing the most impact on our organization, its members and Tunisians in general.

1) TAYP is ready now to launch the Diaspora Talent Network to support entrepreneurs, startups, and small/medium businesses in Tunisia.  We are connecting our Diaspora knowledge and expertise base with individual, corporations, universities and NGOs to support socio-economic awakening and change in Tunisia.
2) TAYP completed a successful implementation of the first phase of the Tunisian Handicraft Export Initiatives, which was funded by US Embassy in Tunisia.
3) TAYP, acting as a the on-the-ground partner in Tunis, along with Microsoft Tunisia, sponsored and participated in the MENA Social Good Event which focused on entrepreneurship and social development in MENA.
4) TAYP held its largest annual member meeting in Tunisia with attendance ranging from US TAYP members, Tunisia TAYP members, US Ambassador, US Embassy Staff, local politicians, journalists, and other VIPs from the private business sector.
5) TAYP, as an organization, restructured to accommodate our ever-increasing activities.  We have expanded our executive team to increase our focus and improve outcomes from each project and event.
6) TAYP launched its new Board late in the year.  The new board will include thought and industry leaders with the objective of enhancing our delivery effectiveness, extending our organizational reach and provide for better execution of our strategy.
7) We have continued our efforts to promote Tunisia’s value proposition by attending conferences, round table discussions and engaging the private and public sector in the US.

This year, 2014, is shaping to be a milestone year for TAYP, with its expanded team, new Strategy and projects.  As a diaspora organization that is socially and economically connected to Tunisia, we need to continue our efforts and increase our impact on the country. I invite you to read more about our new strategy in this newsletter.

On the Tunisia front, political reconciliation, constant dialogue and multiple concessions from all political parties are very encouraging.  Tunisia has appointed a new caretaker interim government made of technocrats and finalized the structure and appointment of an independent election commission that would oversee the new elections.  Finally, the Constituent Assembly is voting on the Tunisian constitution, the first in the Arab World and experts are optimistic that by the end of January the Constitution will be ready for a final vote and referendum.

Dear readers, as we continue growing, serving our members, and presenting Tunisia’s value proposition to investors to affect change, TAYP welcomes all comments, advice, new members and help.  It would only enhance our ability to deliver.  We are hopeful but the strategy is for everyone to stay vigilant and provide the needed guidance for the Tunisian democratic experiment to succeed.

Enjoy reading this edition of TAYPs newsletter.

Firas BenAchour


Firas BenAchour

Mooresville, NC, USA