TAYP at the Tunisian Investment Forum


Photo Courtesy: Foreign Investment Promotion Agency, Tunisia Investment Forum

On June 11th -12th, FIPA Tunisia hosted the latest edition of the Tunisian Investment Forum at the El Mouradi Hotel in Gammarth. Under the banner “Invest in Tunisia, Join the Growing Success,” this conference brought together leading government, economic, and business leaders to discuss the growth and sustainability of Tunisia’s financial ecosystem.

Organized by the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency, which promotes investment opportunities and encourages foreign business activity within Tunisia, the two-day forum offered a wide variety of programming to reinforce the strength of the country’s growing economic sectors.

The goal of the event, the 17th iteration of the forum, was to reinforce investor confidence in Tunisia’s market and highlight the country’s value added to the global financial system. Representatives from national and international economic, financial, and government institutions convened to discuss and analyze Tunisia’s strategic economic development.

TAYP Chairman of the Board moderated the official opening of the forum, which was also attended by the Head of Government and the Minister of Development, Investment, and International Cooperation Yassine Brahim, among other high-level dignitaries. Mohamed highlighted, through the various speakers who each represented a country partner of Tunisia, the value proposition of the country at this critical development moment.

The forum offered unique networking and learning opportunities through a series of panels that outlined the unique value proposition of Tunisia’s investment platforms, an overview of the country’s growing sectors, including renewable energy and biotechnology, and workshops that explored the socioeconomic benefits of investment and how to maximize Tunisia’s business effectiveness. In addition, the forum was host to the MENA Regional Conference of the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies, the first time it was held in Tunisia.  The forum not only offered significant learning opportunities but also encouraged to business meetings and partnership development.

The forum also hosted a new development in the developing economic relationship between Tunisian and the United States. Representatives from IPA and the Business Reform and Competitiveness Project (BRCP) of the US Agency for International Development signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote investment and access to economic sectors, including within the ICT industry. This document will help provide greater access to both countries’ markets and reinforce the value added proposition that both nations can provide one another. This was a significant turning point, and TAYP was excited to witness what is bound to help transform Tunisia’s economy.

As Tunisia looks to reinforce its competitive economic sectors, address issues of high unemployment and inequality, and match talent with high quality positions, it is critical that business and government leaders look outward. Without the support of partner countries, international investors, and national prioritization of high-risk and high return sectors, Tunisia’s growth will remain stagnate. Events like this forum and other conferences play a key role in highlighting the best of Tunisia’s economy and provide unique insight into what the country can offer the global market. As members of the diaspora, TAYP looks to support this ongoing trend of engagement and continue to facilitate partnerships and mentorships to continue to grow the economic ecosystem.

Courtney Joline

Washington, DC, USA