TAYP Welcomes New US Ambassador to Tunisia



Members of TAYP based in Washington, DC had the opportunity to meet with the designated US Ambassador to Tunisia, Daniel Rubinstein, ahead of his mission start date.

This conversation was an exciting opportunity to introduce TAYP’s mission and vision, and to continue to reinforce the positive role that members of the Diaspora can have on Tunisia’s continuing development. TAYP highlighted that as business leaders, mentors, scholars, and entrepreneurs, the Tunisian Diaspora can be effectively engaged to make a positive impact, especially within the context of ongoing economic challenges and the critical need for reform.

This meeting was extremely detailed and brought about thoughtful consideration and deliberation among all participants, including TAYP members Oualid Bellagha, Leila Chennoufi, Saoussen Mahjoub, Mohamed Malouche, and Mariem Mezghenni Malouche. The Ambassador is quite familiar with Tunisia– he had spent time there previously as a member of the Foreign Service, serving as the Director of the Arabic Field School at the Foreign Service Institute. Between discussions on political development, economic growth, and Tunisia’s role in the wider region, everyone had a lot to comment and reflect on through years of engagement with Tunisia and key stakeholders.

TAYP also had the chance to provide updates on a variety of new and existing initiatives, including the successful Handicrafts Program, supported by the US Embassy in Tunisia. Participants also shared ongoing developments with the 4 E’s Initiative: Education, Entrepreneurship, Exchange, and Export. TAYP enjoyed the opportunity to not only discuss its programs, but also highlight its role as a professional organization that can help the US Embassy achieve some priority objectives in the short and long-term.

As Tunisia continues its path toward economic and security reform, TAYP looks forward to a positive and rich collaboration with US Embassy in Tunisia. TAYP will continue to work to foster entrepreneurship in Tunisia, deepen economic links between the US and Tunisia, and enhance educational and professional exchanges between both countries for greater future business opportunities. A strategic partnership is vital for Tunisia, and TAYP looks forward to engaging with different stakeholders to facilitate a long-term relationship.

Mariem M. Malouche

Washington, DC, USA