TAYP Members Meet with Visiting Parliamentarians


On March 27th, TAYP members Mohamed Malouche, Mohamed Bouras, and Saoussen Mahjoub met with four members of the Tunisian parliament: Mr. Badreddine Abdelkafi (Ennahdha), Ali Bennour (Afek Tounes), Mohamad Jalel Ghedira (Nidaa Tounes), and Bachir Lazzem (Ennahdha) during their most recent visit to Washington DC.

The parliamentarians were in Washington DC for a legislative exchange, where they had the opportunity to participate in discussions on economic reform, deregulation, and job creation, and also learn about the US government and private sector’s experiences in supporting economic growth and investment.

This meeting was a great opportunity for TAYP to share its mission and vision and reinforced its role in paving the way for stronger US-Tunisian relations at such a critical moment in Tunisia’s history. Since the revolution, the US has been a key economic and political partner, and as the new government begins to design action plans for the future, the US can offer valuable insights and support. TAYP can help strengthen this bilateral relationship, and is in a unique position to connect both countries through its four E’s programming: education, export, exchange, and entrepreneurship. These new initiatives reinforce the value-added that each country can offer and provides unique opportunities for US and Tunisian citizens to interact on a variety of fronts.

In addition, this conversation reinforced the powerful role that the Tunisian diaspora can have on the growth and success of Tunisia in the coming years. Their educational and professional experiences guarantee that the diaspora can have a positive effect on Tunisia’s trajectory. As the Tunisian government begins taking its next steps toward implementing reform, it is key that the diaspora is included in the conversation. As advisers, mentors, or even consultants, the diaspora is ready and able to help guide Tunisia to ensure its political and economic growth.

Saoussen Mahjoub

Washington, DC, USA