The Tunisian American Enterprise Fund (TAEF) is setting up operations in Tunisia


With $40M in initial funding available and a potential to expand to $100M subject to Congressional approval, TAEF is seeking opportunities to invest in the Tunisian private sector with the intent to create positive financial and socio-economic returns. In particular the fund’s objectives are to:

1-    Generate employment (focus on sustainable, high quality jobs)
2-    Promote regional equity
3-    Encourage women entrepreneurs
4-    Promote high standards of private sector governance
5-    Yield financial returns

TAEF’s target group will be small and medium enterprise. The fund will invest in a small number of intermediary vehicles called “platforms” which will be for-profit companies focusing narrowly on investment within specific sectors of the Tunisian economy. A platform could be an existing entrepreneurship program, an incubating mechanism, a newly created joint venture, a financial institution (including microfinance)…

Specifically, the fund will

1-    Evaluate and/or create these platforms
2-    Identify and mentor platform management
3-    Engage in governance of platforms
4-    Raise additional financing for platforms

Initial areas of focus will be:

1-    Finance—industry or intermediaries
2-    Technology—value-added ICT
3-    Agriculture—value-added agribusiness
4-    Health
5-    Education

The fund is seeking to build the right partnerships in these key sectors with the objective of making sustainable (rather then point) investments, and contributing to creating the ecosystem/value chain necessary for these sectors to strive.

Mohamed Malouche

Washington, DC, USA