• Rostom Bouazizi

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  • Mahdi Hamdi

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  • Amina Laouani

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  • Ahmed Lachheb

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  • Nizar Ben Neji

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  • kevin Coyne

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  • Meryam Ghabri

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  • Mohamed Malouche

    Mohamed Malouche currently serves as the Board Chairman and previously served as the President of TAYP. As President, he spearheaded our bilateral investment efforts along with the launch of the 4 Es strategy. Mohamed is a Partner with Deloitte with 20 years of experience in designing and implementing public sector modernization programs, large transformational programs […] Read More
  • Ikbel Achour

    Ikbel Achour is a biotechnologist and strategist with over 12 years experience in developing cutting-edge science for biomarker and therapeutic target discovery, focusing on Precision Medicine and clinical trial design. She is currently a Translational Medicine Lead in Immuno-oncology at MEDIMMUNE. As a Director of Precision Health at the University of Arizona, she previously led the development of […] Read More
  • Mondher Ben Hamida

    Mondher Ben Hamida is a TAYP co-founder and member who served previously as TAYP Executive Vice President from 2013 to 2016. Currently and until 2018, he will serve as TAYP President to continue the important mission of TAYP. He particularly advises on supply chain strategies to support TAYP handicraft export initiative and acts as a mentor for the TAYP entrepreneurship […] Read More
  • Mariem M. Malouche

    Mariem Malouche is a Senior Economist at the World Bank Middle East and North Africa Region since 2004. She has an extensive expertise in trade policy, regional integration, export development, and diaspora. Mariem led, authored and contributed to a number of country level policy dialogue, development policy loans, and reports focused on North Africa, South […] Read More
  • Mahmoud Hachicha

    Mahmoud Hachicha is a TAYP co-founder and since 2014, he is leading TAYP operations. He is a manager at the Consulting firm Logic Info with 10+ years of proven record leading global teams in the implementation of predictive and analytic software solutions with primary focus on the retail industry. He led the successful deliveries of […] Read More