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  • The Tunisian Constitution Three C’s

    The Jasmine revolution, ignited by a street fruit vendor, changed the course of history for Tunisia and is arguably transforming the rest of the region.  A popular uprising that was started by the restless and jobless youth demanding employment rapidly spread and engulfed the whole country.  Tunisians of all walks of life, united, fought the […] Read More
  • Positive Changes in Tunisia

    After months of political gridlock, reason has finally prevailed and the majority of political parties agreed on an independent new prime minister, sparring Tunisia from an eventual wave of violence that have plagued other Arab spring countries. Last Friday, seating prime minister Ali Laarayedh has stepped down while the new Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa took […] Read More
  • TAYP Board Meeting: New strategy and focus for 2014

    TAYP new executive team working very closely with our new board met at the end of 2013 and worked and approved our plans for 2014.  Here is a broad list: Our Mission Statement: Organize and Leverage the Tunisian diaspora in the US to increase economic ties, cooperation and exchanges between TUN and the US Our Objectives […] Read More
  • Mohamed Ezzine Chleyfa – New Tunisian Ambassador to the United States

      1-   Your Excellency, welcome to the US. Our members would like to know you better, can you tell us a little bit about your training and career as a diplomat?  I would like, before presenting myself, to thank TAYP for the warm welcome and pay tribute for its members’ work to serve the Tunisian community […] Read More
  • January 2014 Editorial

    Dear TAYP members and friends, Happy New Year! Few days ago, we celebrated the end of a year and welcomed the first dawn of the New Year. At that moment, humans are known to make, what one could describe, grandiose resolutions.  They are sincere commitments fuelled by the hope of accomplishing ones goals. Hoping is […] Read More
  • TAYP attends a Congress Subcommittee Hearing on Tunisia

    TAYP attended a “Subcommittee Hearing: Transition at a Crossroads: Tunisia Three Years After the Revolution”. “Three years since the Arab Spring began, Tunisia is at a crucial crossroads in its democratic transition. The country has been enmeshed in a political stalemate, and growing internal and external security challenges further complicate the tenuous political process. A […] Read More
  • TAYP & IYF common concerns: Social Entrepreneurship and Youth Employability

    TAYP partnered with IYF Tunisia on “Tunisia Works”, an initiative supported by MEPI and designed to strengthen the capacity of local Tunisian organizations in order to better support youth employability, entrepreneurship, and civic engagement projects in different regions across Tunisia. Through “Tunisia Works”, TAYP had the chance to contribute in reviewing and improving the Mentoring […] Read More
  • Men socialgood: A Global Virtual Summit from a Tunisian Perspective

    The global virtual summit of Mena+socialgood on the role of advancing social good in the Arab World was hosted by Al-Mubadarah in Washington DC on November 7, 2013 inviting 26 speakers in a virtual interaction to talk about the role of the internet, social media and technology in enabling social good and shaping the future […] Read More
  • The Paris-Washington Tunisian Diaspora: The Bridge to Tunisia

    On December 20th, as TAYP member I had the privilege to attend « Speak Out Tunisia 2014 », an event organized by Le PaCTE Tunisien, a Tunisian Diaspora organization based in Paris. Speak Out Tunisia is a program set up to train citizen journalists operating in all regions of Tunisia on journalistic ethics and modern reporting tools […] Read More
  • The Tunisian American Enterprise Fund (TAEF) is setting up operations in Tunisia

    With $40M in initial funding available and a potential to expand to $100M subject to Congressional approval, TAEF is seeking opportunities to invest in the Tunisian private sector with the intent to create positive financial and socio-economic returns. In particular the fund’s objectives are to: 1-    Generate employment (focus on sustainable, high quality jobs) 2-    […] Read More
  • Tunis Business SchoolTalks 2013 Initiative inspiring Change

    After their successful event “TBS Leaders Prize” that was launched in April 2013 promoting the image of Tunisia through TBS students’ creative ads, TBS Leaders Club takes a step forward to inspire change and launches a new event with a series of talks: TBS Talks.  The event invites professionals to share their ideas in a […] Read More